I'm Lino Cordova

I'm a Digital Artist who pushes his abilities into all his works, some of my most well known content are Merchandise, Comics, and Websites.

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About Me

    Creating something new out of nothing or something old has always been a passion of mine. I grew up Web Designing pages at the age of 12 during the times when MySpace was popular and allowed users to CSS edit their pages. Going towards the end of my High School, I had now learned how to use PhotoShop at skills above average and become proficient at creating Web Pages from nothing.
    I'm an individual who loves to push himself to learn anything that is laid in front of him. As an artist creating websites is one of my biggest forms of expression and I truly value that work that I create.
    Alongside that I also creating Art/Illustrations which includes my Japanese Styled Comic Book series, as for what else I do? It's hard to pinpoint since I know a little bit of a lot of things so check out my work below.


Web Design/Web Programming

I enjoyed working with Lino. His ideas are really good and his creations give you the impression as if he could read thoughts.

MikuDB (www.mikudb.moe)

Tiki Dragon – Illustration

Lino did a great job, he is professional, an excellent communicator, and creates a positive experience. Definitely a master of his craft. I will work with him again.

JR Hickmann

Proudly running WordPress

Yes, Lino Cordova loves WordPress :P

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