You need a Website that can run on any Device
In an age where users have multiple devices it isn't convenient to design a website centered around a layout that will probably work on one device but not work on another. That's why we build the website on the foundation of responsive design, the website adapts itself to whatever device its on, there's no need to create different pages for different Devices. Everything is unified and just works!





Having a Website isn't enough, here's how our sites our next level
Just because you have a website doesn't mean your website is intuitive or ready for Search Engines to pick up. As of July 2015 Google's Mobile Search Engine would no longer display Websites in its results that don't have a Mobile Friendly Website. Our sites all have a responsive design that can adjust to any device so no need to worry about different sites for different devices, everything just works. Now let's not forget about SEO, Google isn't the only Search Engine but they all have things in common that they all look for and if your site is not equipped with information to be indexed it will simply pass by your site. We also provide you with tools to track visitors so you can get an idea of what your demographic is which you can show to businesses for Advertisements or Partnerships, analytics can be the final seal on the deal.
Finally, all websites are built off HTML5!

Mobile Ready

SEO Friendly

Google Analytics

Fueled by HTML5

Ready for a Website?
Consider the following below

While higher in cost using a Content Management System like WordPress makes editing simple and adding new features as simple as downloading one of the 100,000 plugins available.
This is the no code solution for many of you out there.
A HTML5 Website alone typically costs less because there is less database or overhead if any at all. In the recent years HTML5 has given users more options than HTML4 had. It has many of the basic features any CMS has with a fraction of the cost.
Want a site that you can run on your own?
WordPress can be editable anywhere and has tools that can be viewed online directly through your site like Analytics, Emails, Purchases, and more. It also has a Simple Friendly User Interface that requires no code.
The only downside to WordPress is its known ability to not be flexible, but unless you are a Web Developer or want to get into the code of WordPress you won't have to worry about this.
Are you familiar with HTML5?
Just because you know HTML5 doesn't mean you are entitled to knowing how to build a Website from nothing. Maybe you just want a site that has Flexibility to add or remove any feature. While a Content Management System is nice, anyone who knows HTML in general understands that HTML has no overhead, no side scripts, and things only work as you set them.
HTML5 is the budget friendly solution for anyone who isn't afraid to get their hands Dirty.
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